About A&E Coffee and Tea

We really are sourcing coffees that have a story to tell, that have a fantastic flavor composition. And we’re representing the growing communities in the way that we process and present the coffees to our customers.
Emeran Langmaid, Founder and Owner

Led by owner Emeran Langmaid, A&E Custom Coffee Roastery opened in 2001 and was the first USDA Certified Organic Coffee Roaster in New Hampshire.  Each batch of coffee is custom roasted in our Amherst facility, guaranteeing the freshest, most flavorful coffee possible.  We feature premium quality, specialty grade Arabica coffee, batch-roasted to bring out the unique characteristics embedded in each coffee variety. Our teas are distinguished by the quality of the leaf and flavoring components to ensure a premium cup every time.

Our Mission: 

To provide each customer with personalized service and the finest coffee and tea possible in a business that promotes environmental stewardship and economic fairness to growers.

Our Approach:

We want to share our passion for high quality, small batch roasted coffee and specialty teas with our customers. This is why in addition to striving for outstanding customer service and high-quality products, A&E is committed to offering of a variety of certified-organic, shade-grown, Fair Trade coffee from around the world. A&E Roastery feels strongly that supporting the farmers, as well as their environment, is an essential corporate responsibility. Thus, we focus on sustainability so they can maintain the vitality of their farms.

Our Story:

A&E Custom Coffee Roastery is the results of a coffee roasting hobby we, Adam and Emeran (A&E), started in the 1990’s. We started roasting half-pound amounts in our kitchen for family and friends. Our passion fed a hobby, which became a business. Today, we still custom roast every batch in our Amherst, NH Roastery.

At A&E we take the time to educate our customers on the social and health benefits coffee and share our passion for quality coffee and tea.

Diedrich Roaster