At A&E Coffee Roastery & Tea we are passionate about our coffee and tea offerings. We want to partner with people who are passionate about their businesses, too. Emeran Langmaid


A&E Coffee works with wholesale accounts that believe in quality and customer service. We work closely with our accounts to find the right coffee selections for their specific businesses.

We are committed to bringing you the best coffee available. To provide our wholesale customers with amazing coffee, we ship within days, if not hours, of roasting the beans. We also work closely with our tea importer to ensure the teas we offer are picked and processed in the most careful of manners. The added flavors of superb quality are apparent in every cup of A&E coffee or tea you serve to your customers.

If you have ever compared the flavor of fresh baked bread to week-old bread, you know the importance of freshness. Coffee, like bread, goes stale, becoming harsh and bitter.

We feature premium quality, specialty grade Arabica coffee, slow-roasted to bring out the unique characteristics embedded in each coffee variety. Custom roasting is our specialty, ensuring that your coffee is always freshly roasted specifically to your taste preferences and quantity needs.

Our teas are distinguished by the quality of the leaf and flavoring components to ensure a premium cup every time.


At A&E Coffee Roastery & Tea, our goal is to work in partnership with you to meet your coffee and tea needs and exceed your expectations. We offer coffee and tea tastings to match your taste preferences and identify the coffees and teas that will best complement your specialties.

We partner with accounts who believe in quality and customer service. We work closely with our accounts to find the right coffee selections for this specific businesses. Please contact us if you are interested to find out more.

our wholesale clients:

We provide wholesale coffee and tea to restaurants; cafes and coffee houses; offices; convenient stores and markets; bakeries; and, online stores. Our wholesale customers are located throughout New England, with a concentration in southern New Hampshire.


As a coffee roaster, we have the flexibility to create custom blends to suit your needs and meet demand without requiring excessive inventories. Relationship is important to us - not only our relationship with our customers, but also our relationship with the local community, our local environment, and our international community of coffee and tea grower, and their environments.


With Barista Guild certified baristas and Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Lead Instructors, A&E Roastery is qualified to train for both espresso and coffee brewing. We offer new accounts up to four hours of free training at your location.

Included in the coffee training is properly grinding, dosing, tamping and pulling shots, steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos; proper brew ratios, temperature and extraction time.

For tea, we train on proper dosing, water temperature and steep time. We sample the teas and discuss the best steeping method for the account.


We provide brewing equipment and grinders to qualified accounts.


We provide both café supplies and marketing materials, according to your needs and setup.


Each month we develop seasonal, inventive and delicious specialty drinks that showcase our coffees and teas. We serve them in our café and invite you to serve them as well. In addition, we offer package deals for our monthly specialty drinks, which includes all the ingredients necessary to make the drinks.

The core components of our business are respect, integrity and honesty. They are the plumb line for all our decisions. Emeran Langmaid